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The Rally Committee is drawn from the membership of The Game Club, an Aylesbury area dining club that decided to raise money for local charitable causes.

How everything got started is explained on the Olympic Gold page.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the many and various local businesses, organisations and individuals who assist us in the organisation of the event without whom it would be impossible to run it at all. We have decided not to name individual people purely because if we did leave someone out it might cause offence. However you know who you are! and we raise our caps to you, we really couldn't do it without you.

We would however, like to mention BORG a group of local enthusiasts who have organised our traffic management and car parking for the last few years. If you would like to know more about them click the link below.
A message from the Rally Chairman. 2016

2016 heralded the 23rd Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally.
As Chairman of the committee I know I am supported by a great team and hopefully this was reflected in everyone enjoying another well planned event. As in the last couple of years the weather was spectacular, we cannot but hope for the same every year. We need the sun to shine on the day in so many ways, it increases both the number of entries and the public attendance, perhaps most important it shows off to the best advantage all work the enthusiasts have put into their exhibits cars, buses, tractors etc and of course makes life better fro the trade stands, caterers etc. It makes the day go better for everyone..
We hope to make a profit of course to allow us to continue supporting local good causes but arranging an enjoyable day for everyone is of equal Importance.
When thanking my team I must also include Jill , Carol, and Rachel for looking after us with tea and cakes and not forget to thank the judges for all the time they put in to help.
The committee look forward to welcoming you all here.to another successful day for our 2017 event.

Thank You One and All.

Best wishes

John Masters
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