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Olympic Gold: How it all started

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The lain Rennie Hospice at Home is a registered charity offering specialist and supportive care and advice for patients with cancer and other life threatening illnesses in their homes. They also aim to help the relatives and carers close to the patient during the illness and bereavement period.

This picture is of the presentation ceremony of a new transit van donated to the Iain Rennie Hospice and features from left to right
David Heasman, chairman of The Game Club Mrs Maddie Blackburn, Chief Executive of Iain Rennie
The Mayor of Tring, Cllr Mike James.

We asked the target sum being raised, and were told it was around £2000 to cover flights, carer's expenses etc. It was suggested that we raise the lot, this was agreed and fund raising events such as 24 hour sponsored snooker, a sponsored walk and race nights etc started immediately. After we had raised the money we decided that we should find a proper title for ourselves to use at the official presentation. The name "The Game Club" was decided upon, taken from The Partridge Arms where we enjoyed our lunches, a partridge was adopted as the club emblem.

About three weeks before the event Diane discovered that in order to satisfy the competition rules she needed a special wheelchair costing £1650.00. It was decided that having got so far we should make every effort to raise this amount as well. We managed and literally with hours to spare saw Diane off on her adventure. Our efforts were made all the more satisfying when she returned proudly displaying her Gold Medal.

What next? We had all had so much fun from the hectic activity surrounding our fund raising efforts that a proposal to continue sponsoring good causes was readily agreed upon. And so it has continued to this day.

Game Club membership has now grown to some 30 people who organise several fund raising events, the main one being "The Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally" held annually on the third Sunday in May until 2013 at Woodlands Farm, Weston Road, Aston Clinton and subsequently at Weedon Park. 


The Rally
is organised by The Game Club, an Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire organisation that raises money for local charitable causes.

The club started in 1985 when a group of 12-15 friends decided to meet three times a year for luncheon at The Partridge Arms in Aston Clinton. At one of those meetings the landlord invited those present to put some money in a collection box he had been given that morning. Funds were being raised to help finance Diane Coates, a wheelchair bound patient at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital National Spinal Unit, on a trip to compete in the rifle-shooting event at the Paralympic Games taking place after the 1988 able-bodied Olympics in Seoul.


Recent Awards

* Grant made to Mrs Paula Martin who aises funds for Stokenchurch Dog Rescue

**  Millie is three years old with a brain tumour. Funds provided to allow her family to travel to Germany for 10 weeks of pioneering treatment
Some of our less recent donations include:
May: Medical Detection Dogs £500
Men in Sheds £1200
June: Queens Park Centre £9240
Children MS Centre £5974.20
1st Responders £500
Sept: Poplar Grove Surgery £200
Whitchurch Cricket Club £1500
British Legion - new banner £920

Dec: Aston Clinton Youth Club £600
Medical Detection Dogs £250
Jan: Stokenchurch Dog Rescue * £120
Millie Burnham **   £2000