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The Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally 2018

Every story has a beginning and an end, my story starts with the sad loss of Ron Miller in April 2013. The Chiltern Hills Rally was to be in May, so as best I could I picked up the reins, Ron was a hard act to follow.

With Ron in our thoughts, the rally went ahead and was a success.

2014, I was elected Chairman, each year following, a new chapter, a few upsets and much excitement.

Many meetings have taken place in my home in Rowsham, which I have enjoyed, as I hope the committee have also.

I have over the years made known how much the hard work and enthusiasm of everyone who works for the rally it means to me. I thank you “Our Girls” in the hospitality tent and game club members who help and give support, I do not forget the paying public who attend and enjoy seeing a splendid array of cars, lorries, motorcycles and tractors. The trade stands and the caterers set out their stalls and along with the very important beer tent this all provides a jolly and happy atmosphere. Fortunately, the sun has shone, lots of money has been made and many people have had a happy time.

This is where my story ends, 2018, time to hand over the reins.

Many thanks and my very best wishes for the new committee. 2019 heralds the 25th Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally, may the sun shine then.

The Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally 2017

Well how was that? The Chiltern Hills Vehicle Rally 2017 Brilliant!

For many weeks whoever one spoke to the subject turned to the lack of and the need for rain, then only days before the rally it rained and did it rain. It became threateningly close to "The Big Day"… But the sun shone, our very welcome paying public flocked through the gate and were able to admire an amazing and varied display of cars, lorries, motorbikes etc. None of this happens by chance, many meetings are held through the year, ideas are discussed and thought over, but after all the talk it's all hands on deck.

The Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally Committee is supported by their families and many friends, their help is greatly appreciated. For the work of all the girls in the hospitality a big thankyou goes to them, also the band playing puts one in the mood for enjoying oneself. At the close of another very successful day there is still much to be done. Thankyou is easily said, but it's truly meant.

Thank You One and All.

Best wishes

John Masters

The Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally 2016

2016 heralded the 23rd Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally.

As Chairman of the committee I know I am supported by a great team and hopefully this was reflected in everyone enjoying another well planned event. As in the last couple of years the weather was spectacular, we cannot but hope for the same every year. We need the sun to shine on the day in so many ways, it increases both the number of entries and the public attendance, perhaps most important it shows off to the best advantage all work the enthusiasts have put into their exhibits cars, buses, tractors etc and of course makes life better fro the trade stands, caterers etc. It makes the day go better for everyone..

We hope to make a profit of course to allow us to continue supporting local good causes but arranging an enjoyable day for everyone is of equal Importance.

When thanking my team I must also include Jill , Carol, and Rachel for looking after us with tea and cakes and not forget to thank the judges for all the time they put in to help.

The committee look forward to welcoming you all here.to another successful day for our 2017 event.

Thank You One and All.

Best wishes

John Masters

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